Looking at the world through a Puddle

We want our work to be innovative and everlasting. We want our work to perpetually transform over time and create a new space and opportunity for conversation.

Reconstructing a space through careful observation.

We question and examine the everyday things that surround us, and look for new meaning and use for a space. We focus our attention to discovering that specific element which can make a connection to future generations, and develop into a brand new purpose. In doing so, at times we look back to history and look for inspiration from our predecessors. And in doing so, we at times look back to history and find inspiration from our predecessors.

Discovering and combining the elements within a space

We take on projects with the purpose to of finding the unique elements that are hidden within a space and the it’s environment by conversing and engaging with people, objects, and experiences for inspiration. With the added touch of carefully selected materials and skills of experienced craftsmen, we are able to produce a bespoke design. Our process involves carefully selecting materials and using the skills of experienced craftsmen, producing for every project a design that is bespoke. We are constantly affected by the nature of our surroundings, which is based on the Japanese belief that all things in nature contain a spirit within.

Creating a brand new future

We look ahead to the future when we plan our designs, to always thinking about the materials and change in environment after a project is completed. Sometimes, our touch is light, and other times we must simply accept that change will always happen, but what’s important to us is that a space continues to exist and leave a lasting impression. We will continue to hold this value close to our heart, as we build up towards a brand new future.




代表:加藤 匡毅

建築・インテリアの企画・設計及び監理 家具・プロダクトの企画・デザイン スペース利用の計画 デザインディレクション・グラフィック製作 イベント・仮設空間の企画及びデザイン デザインにまつわるワークショップの企画・運営・講師 コミュニケーションデザイン


Puddle Inc.

42-9-1F Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo
 150-0047, Japan


Director: Masaki Kato
Established: March, 2012

Architecture, interior design, general design planning and management Furniture and product planning and design Space design and planning Project design direction and graphical design Event production, temporary space structure planning and design Instruction, management, and planning of design-focused workshops and programs Communication design